A downloadable game for Windows and Android

Play as one of five unique classes as you slay enemies, gather heroism points and compete with your friends in this meta-quest to become a game's sole protagonist! Challenge yourself solo, or play with up to 5 other players in networked multiplayer co-op.

Will you be the hero, or just another sidekick? Only your heroic actions will determine who will be the best of the quest.

A cool gameplay trailer > here < !

A CISC496 (Game Development Project) - Winter 2015 course project by Isabel McCarten, Greye Smyth & Susan Hwang.

Install instructions


  • Installation required.
    • Allow installation of apps from other/unknown sources on device.
    • Download the .apk file to your mobile device.
    • Launch and accept installation.


  • No installation required
    • Extract the .zip file.
    • The .exe program and the _data folder need to be in the same directory.
    • Launch the .exe and play.
    • (You may have to enable internet connectivity the first time).


MetaQuest for Windows 15 MB
MetaQuest for Android 26 MB